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04-29-2018, 12:22
Having used an REI Lookout 40 for the past two years but would be interested in something slightly bigger, about 15% to 20% larger. Lookout 40 was advertised as 42L in size Large or around 2,550 cubic inch. However not sure what this number was referring to exactly. I was able to carry 3 full day of food in bear can BV450 vertically plus all my equipment but with the Stratospire 2 tent strapped outside below the bag itself. Problem was bag full to the bream which was somehow changing its optimal shape and deforming the back making it round instead of flat against my back.

Any suggestion?
ULA Circuit looks nice at 68L but apparently internal size is much less at just about 40L. Never seen one so cannot really assess its size with regards to the Lookout 40. Will it be larger than a Lookout40 and will I be able to put in horizontally a BV450? I hear the larger BV500 fits vertically.
I also like Zpacks as well especially the mesh on the back. Again not sure what to select as I am looking at about 15% to 20% larger than Lookout 40 but all OEM seem to be measuring volume differently.
Would like to keep under 3lb.


04-29-2018, 14:00
KS ultra-light makes very customizable packs.

RS series is 45l and looks like most of it is internal and starts with weight of 480 grams.

The KS series is their most popular and hear great things about it within the ultralight community. They fill up to 50l and can go light as 330 grams.

Gossamer Gear has their ever popular Mariposa 60 (36l internal)

Superior Light Design has their Long Haul 50 (50l internal / 10l external).

I have their popular Superior 40 (40l internal + 10l external) that I use in the winter or when taking my daughter camping.

All their series is very customizable and you can go off menu like I did if you have something in mind. Brandon took the time to correspond and go over every details.

04-29-2018, 14:33
ULA CATALYST. The main pack is approximately 52 liters or 3,200 cubic inches. The Catalyst will carry as little or as much as you wish to carry. I carried a 2 person MSR freestanding tent outside on right. The SS 2 will easily go there. Call ULA with any other questions.

04-29-2018, 16:06
What Wayne said, I love mine Catalyst and I may pick up a Circuit for shorter trips, but have used my Catalyst for them as well and it has done all that I can ask of it.

05-12-2018, 13:50
Yesterday I went to REI to try a couple of backpacks. One thing that I really liked in the trampoline mesh of the Exos 58. Heavy back sweater here and I can totally see the benefit of this. Any insights as to cottage manufacturers that use similarly comfortable mesh (besides zpack). The Osprey one is spectacularly comfortable. What I like less about the Exos 58 is lack of hip belt pouch to put a superzoom compact camera. When fauna is on my way, I need to seize the moment. It cannot be somewhere on my backpack.