View Full Version : Baxter announces delayed campground openings for 2018

TJ aka Teej
05-02-2018, 12:03
The traditional May 15th opening for the overnight camping season has been canceled.
Park HQ is in the process of calling those with reservations.
This isn't an unusual event:
'18 Park delays opening until May 21st. Tote roads and trails remain closed.
17 Park delayed opening some campgrounds, Hunt and Abol open May 27th.
16 The Hunt Trail opened on May 27th
15 Park delayed opening some campgrounds. Hunt open May 22nd. (Summit snow on the 23rd!)
14 Park delayed opening some campgrounds until May 22nd. Hunt open May 29th.
13 May 24th
12 May 20th
11 Park canceled traditional May 15th opening, Abol open Memorial day weekend.
10 May 25th
09 May 20th for both Hunt and Abol.
08 Park canceled traditional May 15th opening, Abol and Hunt open May 29th.
07 May 31st

05-02-2018, 16:50
Thanks TJ.