View Full Version : Duncan Ridge Trail

02-08-2003, 20:48
I have been on the Duncan Ridge Trail that meets the A.T. at Slaughter Gap. Does anyone on here know if there is a club that maintains it? The Duncan Ridge and the Benton Mackaye both help alleviate some of the local traffic on the AT. I have been only on about 7 miles of the 30 mile trail and the Search and Rescue people I have talked to say it is the roughest trail they have seen and almost seems to be disappearing. I know this site is mainly for the AT, but any help about a club or who maintains it would be appreciated. I would like to help with it.

02-09-2003, 09:27
Suggest you check with the GATC. They should know.


02-09-2003, 09:33
I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was maintained by the Forest Service. I am pretty sure that it does not have a trail club, but if I really wanted to know I would check with the Benton MacKaye Trail Association (since it shares some trailway) and see if they knew. When I hiked it last winter, I don't remember it being hard to stay on or in bad shape, but I have read where other people had problems in previous years, maybe I hiked it after it had been maintained or it could be the difference between winter and summer foilage? Most any trail in the southeast will have "bad trail days" due to the rapid growth of underbrush and the time between trail maintance. It does have the well deserved reputation as being one of the hardest sections of trail in Georgia...they didn't use the 'ridge' word for nothing.