View Full Version : Daicey Pond Library in Baxter State Park

TJ aka Teej
02-08-2003, 21:39
The view of Katahdin from the dock (you can rent canoes) or from the porch (great rocking chairs) across the pond is a classic. But many future hikers will hike right on by due to a 2002 re-route. The AT used to enter Daicey Pond Campground directly across from the library cabin. The re-route zigs ATers away from the campground. For many years the AT lean-tos were at Daicey Pond, and finishing thruhikers would enjoy watching the sunset light up the AT on Katahdin from the shore the night before their summit. For political reasons, thru-hikers are no longer welcomed by the cabin renters at Daicey Pond, and the AT lean-tos have been removed.
I suggest that future thruhikers hike the 100 yards up the dirt road to the library when they get to Daicey Pond. You won't ever regret doing so.
Map showing re-route: