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05-18-2018, 11:07
Planning on 9-10 days Sobo AT from the Mason/Dixon which at my leisurely pace will only take me into NoVa. So 4 days or so in MD and the rest in Nova.
Question is either/or....Nemo Disco 30 bag or Snugpak Jungle bag(I could take a Costco down throw too). I'll be in a BA FC UL2. To me its a difficult decision as I think the Disco maybe a bit much and I know the Jungle bag is really questionable below 60*...too much or to little. The Disco is 36oz, the Jungle bag 32oz, down throw 15oz in stuff sack. Obviously the Jungle bag plus option is stupid heavy but its what I have and because I'm going bike packing after this trip my budget for gear is maxxed out with bike packing stuff(and I'm going to consider/try out a Osprey Levity vs my 3.6lb Stratos(which I love outside of the weight) while on sale at REI).

Other info: Jungle bag packs down to under 2L, Disco 5+L, down throw 1+L.

I know camping at 1500' or more I can not rely on local forecasts for the area(until I'm there with my phone reporting position for the interpolated weather) which indicates temps around Harpers will be around 60* at night

05-18-2018, 15:26
Assuming you're going soon, I think you're pushing it to rely on a 60-degree bag. Personally, I'd bring a 30- or 35-degree bag in early June at that section. It can get surprisingly cool in the mountains away from city heat sinks and still valleys. Remember that if it rains, it can feel a whole lot cooler than the stated temperature.

If you can't afford the ideal bag, you might want to see if you can rent something from REI or the outdoor club of a local university.

05-18-2018, 16:16
Trip will be June 8-18th not sure if starting at Rt16, PennMar or exactly where in that general area but want to make Raven Rock without rushing to get to the drop off or Raven. A leisurely first day is always nice.

You've already tipped me toward the Disco(and it does have good vents), I do remember during the heat spell I hiked in last fall that evenings were still not overly warm with the Jungle bag...those were 90-100* days. Part of the decision relates to warmth and the other part, bugs. The Jungle bag has a bug screen integrated into it and being its pretty low on insulation effect can be left zipped up to keep the smaller creepy crawlies out even when its pretty warm. About the only thing I'm sure of is what ever I expect, it will probably be different conditions.

After posting the question, I had time to go thru my pack and was surprised to see my post trip pruning has my pack down to 21.2lbs without food and some clothing missing. I think I can pack 10 days food and the clothing for another 10lbs which leaves me with a little wiggle room- 35lbs or less is fine for me so I might go with the Disco and throw in the Jungle bag too. Carrying both I could use the Jungle bag as a pillow and vice versa saving me the 10oz for the pillow I do carry normally.
But for now, I'll hope for some more input before a final decision which by the time I'm ready will include a forecast that will have at least a little validity.