View Full Version : MSR Dragonfly vs. Coleman Apex II

02-15-2006, 11:46

I use a pepsi can stove, but long story short I have a need for a good gas stove as well. I'm looking for a stove that is dependable, easy to "fire up", and has outstanding simmering abilities. The MSR Dragonfly meets my requirements but it runs about $120. The Coleman Apex II is about half the price (weight is about the same), but don't know how well it will simmer. I would like to hear feedback from users of both stoves. Thanks in advance.

"ME & U"
02-15-2006, 11:54
As an outfitter I recommend sticking with MSR! Better bang for the buck. Would also suggest the Wisperlite. Lighter, good simmer and trustworthy, easier maintenance, and have never had issue with mine in winter camping.
Also stick with MSR fuel. Twice the price but burns alot cleaner.

02-15-2006, 19:20
My wife and I use our MSR SimmerLite summer, winter, spring and fall with no problems. It's cheaper than that $120 you quoted, simmers well, and hasn't given us any problems. Once a year I completely disassemble it, clean all the parts, and then reassemble it.

02-15-2006, 19:38
I believe that MSR's new pump assembly for the Whisperlite manages a simmer. That would be a major improvement for the entire family of stoves.

02-15-2006, 20:56
I have had both. Love them!

The Apex II:
Good: light weight, Packs small(ish), easy to start, simmers better than my stove at home, very stable.
Bad: a bit slow to a boil, "throttle" is easily detached & lost.

Good: simmers OK, Very fast to a boil, moderatly easy to start, Very very stable.
Bad: heavier than Apex, larger, dosn't simmer quite as low as the Apex.

Both: GREAT service from both companies. Well designed & easy to maintain &/or good repair service offered.

Note from me: When I got the dragonfly, I gave the Apex to a friend, no regrets, & she loves the Apex. Now however, the dragonfly is "retired" in favor of my homemade alcohol stove. I still use the Dragonfly for car camping. Much better than the Coleman Propane stove for simmering.


02-16-2006, 11:11
I have owned the Apex II, and the Dragonfly. I found the Apex II to be an excellent stove - but too bulky as the load lightened. I switched to the Dragonfly (got it at an REI attic sale for about $20) and used it for at least 3 years. Both stoves are excellent and can be depended to cook for two or more people easily.

I recently switched to a Simmerlite (about a year ago? I started my thru attempt with it) and although it is a bit smaller than the dragonfly, it was just as effective. I like to cook on short trips (lugging fresh ingredients is just a luxury I enjoy) and the Simmerlite has proven every bit as effective as my stove at home.