View Full Version : Parking at Toll House Gap

05-29-2018, 16:42
Is overnight parking at Toll House Gap safe? Or which parking area near Roan Mountain would y'all recommend for leaving a car for a multiple-day hike? Thanks!

Tennessee Viking
05-29-2018, 17:36
Toll House Gap is actually the old paystation along Roan Garden road. Cloudland is a pay use lot $3 for the day. No overnight parking at Cloudland though.

The lot at Carvers Gap is free but can get crowded.

Tennessee Viking
05-29-2018, 17:44

Gambit McCrae
05-30-2018, 08:23
I have called Pisgah on this and they said do not park up there. I get your pain, my trip of the roan highlands always consists of a Friday night park at carvers, night hike up to roan high knob and tent, then back northbound thru the highlands to 19E. It would make for a shorter, and most times much dryer Friday night to park at cloudland and walk the ~.4 to Roan High Knob. The lady said that the parking lot is checked from time to time by the NPS and they do issue parking tickets for overnight cars. I don't see a tow truck driving up there...