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06-03-2018, 14:22
Hi Folks,

Wow, it is great to be back at this forum!
When I planned to hike the AT in 2015 this forum helped me a lot! So in general thank's to everyone who shared information!

In advance I would like to apologize for this long Post. I had to quite my attempt to hike the AT in 2015. Now, in 2018 I am thinking about whether I should give it a new try. And of course I am also thinking about my old gear and what could be better next time...

My question to this community is if there is a person out there who could send me some gear from US brands? There are some items which are not available in Germany where I live and also which I can't produce by myself. There are also companies which don't ship internationally. I have an idea about how in detail this should work but first of all I have to find somebody who wants to Trust a stranger and also for me someone to trust. Of course the Person wouldn't have to passt anything. I know it's cracy but I thought it's better to ask and I also think it is not more cracy than hiking from Gerogia to Maine.

I am looking forward to receive some feedback/private messages.
Thank you in advance and have a great time.

Best regards

(Sorry for any grammar or writing mistakes)

06-03-2018, 16:48
You'd be better off buying it when you got here. Shipping overseas is insanely expensive for a individual. Just mailing a small packet weighting a few ounces cost $15-20. Using DHL or UPS might be less money if shipping bulky items, but there is a lot of paper work to fill out and you'd have to pay AVT on the value of the package when it arrives. Business who regularly ship overseas fill up containers and get bulk rates on shipping.

06-03-2018, 17:20
Add the customís agent fees and pretty soon youíre talking about real money.
Buy what you can at home. Buy the rest here.

06-03-2018, 20:32
I saw lots of German and Czech hikers last summer in Albania on my Via Dinarica hike (they were mostly doing the "Peak of the Balkans" trail.
They all seemed to have excellent gear and it was mostly European.
What is it you can't find ?

06-03-2018, 21:01
I took some stuff from the US to the UK for a guy on Hammock Forums last year. However it was minimal stuff (fabrics mostly) and he had a lot of trust in me to live up to my end of the bargain. I would help you out...shipping as gifts and bypassing the EU BS...if I wasn't constatly traveling and backpacking this summer.

For anyone potentially interested in this I would recommend parcelmonkey.com as the cheapest way of shipping internationally. I sent 75# boxes for less than $200.

06-03-2018, 22:42
never used them myself but I see people recommending :
you get the various sellers to send the parcel to them, they will put the items into a box and send it to you.
Some US sellers don't send to forwarding addresses like that, so it may not work for all.

06-03-2018, 23:57
I'd help providing: 1) THERE'S COMPLETE VERIFIABLE TRANSPARENCY BETWEEN US. 2) You have paid for all items before I get involved. This is non negotiable. No money no matter what will be fronted be me! I'm simply willing to be your carrier. 3) You'd ship to my personal residence or somewhere I could pick up items in the U.S. mailed directly from the US gear store. I'd mail them on to you in Germany ASAP with Tracking and Signature Confirmation. I suggest you get expensive items insured.

This will be postage costly. I've never done this but knowing many International hikers with quite a few from Germany, knowing what hassles can arise shipping gear back and forth between the states and abroad, ordering from abroad, being of German descent myself, and perhaps knowing one day you might help me when I come to Europe next to backpack, and being an avid backpacker who is very familiar mailing resupply domestically when hiking I'm open to assisting. Many have assisted me as a backpacker and I'm willing to pay it forward. Anyone here knows me. I've bought and sold many items on WB with never a question. If you know another way I'm open to suggestions.

Before you embark down this road I strongly suggest reaching out to the International Hiking Community in Germany. They might know a better less expensive process.

06-04-2018, 03:28
Thank's to everyone who replied to this thread! Lot's of information and possible solutions to think about. I am glad and really thankful that you guys answered to my question!

Leo L.
06-04-2018, 04:20
I was thinking about something similar (being Austrian, and LD-hiking in the US) for some time and was anxious about all the great gear you in the US have, and we Austrians don't have.
But then, after carefully searching and investigating through all necessary gear I finally came to the conclusion that there is nothing essential I couldn't buy locally. In the US brands are different, but the stuff is basically the same.
It finally boiled down to the sad fact that most of the gear is more expensive in EU than in the US - a fact based on different, and higher taxes mostly.

The only essential I could not find in the EU is Insectshield Treatment of hiking clothes.
But we can buy Permethrin by Nobite to treat clothes your own.

If you insist on buying US stuff and get it sent to D, you might try to declare it as "used" and/or declare it as "gift".
This way you have a tiny chance to avoid high taxes, but you still would have all the shipping fares.

06-04-2018, 12:14
Just off the phone with Melanzana. Currently, the only way to get product is by coming into the store. The only items they currently have available in select colors and styles is the Micro Hoodies and Dresses. They expected their website to be back up in late May. Outta luck my friend unless you get someone in Leadville to pick up product for you.