View Full Version : Harpers Ferry flooding.

06-07-2018, 15:08

With the recent flooding at Harpers Ferry I imagine it is giving some through hikers a problem. I was thinking of taking my Sunday and going to offer hikers who wanted it rides around the flooded area (assuming everyone I pick up is a north bounder).

First question: Anyone more familiar with the area recommend a good place I could set up to intersect hikers? I was thinking the parking area right as you cross the bridge into Harpers Ferry but I am not familiar enough with the section before that to know if it is also affected by flooding.

Second question: Where would be a good spot to drop off? I was thinking Weaverton Cliffs parking area? Or perhaps Gathland if some wanted to skip that much.

Thanks in advance,
The Captain

06-09-2018, 07:57
As of Wednesday 6/6/18:
The area between the railroad trestle and the Shenandoah River in Lower Town remains closed. All other park areas are open.