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02-09-2003, 01:29
Early disclaimer -- I'm a clueless newbie. I've been lurking for about a month trying to pick up as much information as possible and finding quite a bit of it. I'm planning a long section hike in 2004 -- starting in late May and progressing as far as I get by early August.

Now for the question. I'm looking at tents, but as a bigger guy (6'4" 225) I'm concerned about getting something too small. There aren't really any outfitters nearby where I can check these out in person, so I thought I'd see if anyone has any good ideas. Right now I'm thinking about the MSR Zoid 1.5, Zoid 2.0 or the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight CD. Any thoughts on these three (or other suggestions)? Thanks in advance.

02-09-2003, 05:43
grab your sleeping bag and make the trip down to a decent outfitter, as much fun as new gear can be buying the same item more then once because of fitting issuses is a royal pain. (i am assuming you considered the alternatives like hammocks and tarps.)

02-09-2003, 07:17
Check out Dancing Light Gear at Trailquest.com. Lightweight singlewall tents, that they will customize to your bodysize. A little on the mid-expensive side, but real good quality.

I'd also suggest packing up on some weekend and heading to an outfitter. Whatever you do (IMPORTANT) don't buy anything at the store! You should always give yourself time to think and rid yourself of the garbage the salesperson feeds you. Imagine yourself packing the tent, using it, and packing it up everyday. Also try to see how it will work with the rest of your duties, cooking dinner, and doing a doodie in the middle of the night. Also consider if you are an active sleeper (roll around alot) or dead paperweight. Hope this helps!

02-09-2003, 11:32
Check out
They make the Nomad-Lite tents,great tents and very light.

SGT Rock
02-09-2003, 12:05
Hennessy Ultralight Explorer A-Sym. 2 pounds 4 ounces and lots of room. The season your going will only require a pad and a bag.

Imagine not needing tent sites, no groundcloth or worry about wet floors, vestibule space included in weight, comfortable sleep, no rocks or roots to poke you at night, bug protection, and you could even set it up in a shelter if it ain't full.

02-09-2003, 12:17
You've got 5 inches on me, but I used the Sierra Light Year last year. I could sit in the front under the rain fly and cook( pan outside of tent) It would definetly be wide and long enough, as well as lighter. I had to leave my pack outside w/ a pack cover.
If the extra weight doesn't bother you, the clip flashlight looks like it's basically the same design, exept with a front entrance rather than side, and more room. The downside is if you don't get the foot end set up just right you get water. The end needs to be slanted down a little, it naturally wants to stay horizontal, and water pools and drips in. Be carefull of your pack weight, it creeps up, theirs a big difference b/w 45lbs and 55lbs.

02-09-2003, 14:29
Thanks for the many quick and helpful replies. Lots of different ideas to give me some new things to look into and think about.

Now how did I know Sgt. Rock would suggest a hammock? :)

SGT Rock
02-09-2003, 15:13
Next I'll be reccomending a Gearskin, alcohol stove, no filter dogs or cell phones, and Field jacket liners instead of fleece. I can be predictable. :cool:

02-10-2003, 00:29
I'm not to sure about the whole hammock thing, but I do plan to experiment with the alcohol stove. We'll see how long it takes me to progress towards some of the other items on the list...probably about the time I weigh my full pack for the first time.:)

02-10-2003, 05:40
oh do try the hammock out before you spend good money on a tent.

yeah sarge is predictable but the stuff he chooses does work. He almost has me after the moonbow gearskin but my ex has all my spending cash for now :rolleyes:

02-10-2003, 10:48
Get yourself a Zoid 1 and spend a bunch of nights in it. I have the old Walrus version and like it alot for basic camping, but I use a tarp now mostly. I haven't read any bad reviews of the tent and I am sure you will be happy with it. The only issue is weight. I think that for someone just starting out, a more traditional approach is better than jumping straight to an ultralight approach. When you have an idea of what you might like in a shelter, then think about spending a lot of money on something else or spending a lot less money on something like a simple tarp. I have a Dancing Light tacoma tarp that I like. There is a review of it in the review section.

02-10-2003, 12:09
I would also try the hammock out before buying a hammock. I made a $190 mistake by buyin ga hammock before trying it out and I found out I am to claustrophobic to sleep in it!

02-10-2003, 22:54
Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all the responses. Lots of good feedback.

SGT Rock
02-10-2003, 22:56
LBJ, you should try that Hennessy Explorer - big darn thing. Too much room for me.