View Full Version : Thru hikers in the Whites

06-12-2018, 16:31
Just back from a 2 night, 3 days hike over the Presidentials. Hiked up to the Perch Sunday, hiked from there to Newman tent site Monday and out today.

Passed at least half a dozen thru hikers on the ridge yesterday and a couple more this morning on their way up from Crawford. I was surprised to see so many already, but I guess it is almost mid June.

I was going to descend Webster Cliff, but when I was nearly blown over by the wind on top of Webster, I decided going down the side of a shear cliff on sore knees wasn't a good idea, so turned around and went down the Jackson/Webster trail instead. Too bad those hitting the ridge today will have to deal with strong wind gusts.

Anyway, Monday was picture perfect day to be up there.

06-12-2018, 16:59
Picture perfect !

06-12-2018, 18:34