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02-09-2003, 09:47
Ok, I'm looking for a guidebook/mini-map book which is similar to the GMC Long-Trail Guidebook. If anyone is familiar with this guidebook & format, and knows it's AT equivalent, please let me know!

Lone Wolf
02-09-2003, 09:58
It doesn't exist. Anymore. I do have a Guide to the AT in N.H. and VT., Copyright 1968, that has the maps in the the book like the LT guide does. So I guess they used to do it that way.

02-09-2003, 10:16
Damn, that sucks!

So apparently you need seperate maps, and a guidebook. What are the best maps, and best guidebook similar to those in the LT Guidebook. In otherwords, I don't need to know where the best place to get pizza in a given town is, but I would like a description of the trail, landmarks, water sources, shelters, and roadcrossings. I read all these other posts, which give info, but nothing with substance. Just a bunch of "Mine is better than yours". Help me out here guys!

Lone Wolf
02-09-2003, 10:21
The AT Data book is your best bet.

02-09-2003, 10:33
Is that by the atc or some other source?

Lone Wolf
02-09-2003, 10:37