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07-02-2018, 01:24
I recently came across a new Washington state- based company that sells a limited line of very inexpensive backpacking tents, tarps, etc. The company, River Country Products, has an Amazon presence and also sells products through their site.

The tent I ordered, the Trekker Tent 2, is a 2 Person '1980s pup tent' style single walled tent with a floor, bug netting, uses hiking poles and weights a total of 2.5lbs (including stakes and stuff sack). The tent I received cost a total of $45, including shipping!

The tent is not perfect... for example it is neither self standing nor has a vestibule- but it sells for under $50!!!

Despite its excellent price, I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship of the tent I received. Excellent stitching, well designed, surprisingly durable construction, despite its light weight/ price and some nice little extra features, such as a hanging pocket for your cell phone, etc.

This tent is well worth considering, especially since it is priced at $300 less than a comparable weight UL backpacking tent. You can find the Trekker Tent 2 at https://rivercountryproducts.com/product/lightweight-backpacking-tent/

Last Call
07-02-2018, 14:25
They also have a 1-man model.....the non-freestanding kills it for me, though....

07-02-2018, 17:51
i bought their one (forget model number) that they had on sale last month for 24.95 shipped...

uses a trekking pole and its a one man version...

weighs at 2.5 pounds (still in envelope they shipped to me)...

i havent had a chance to set it up just yet...