View Full Version : Maps, Guidebooks, Mapdannas .... Or Follow the Yellowbrick Road

02-16-2006, 11:01
I got the ATC maps for GA/NC and the Smokies and I got Wingfoots guidebook.Do I really need to get the rest of the maps (which are kinda pricey for this poor ol`country boy), mapdannas? (what the heck are these?)or will the blazes and the guidebook be sufficient ? I`m kinda leaning towards the balzes and guidebook but wanted to get a few other opinions.My thru starts April 11 :clap .


02-16-2006, 11:17
The above should read blazes instead of balzes and I left out that I got the TN/NC maps as well. Is there no way to edit posts here???:confused:

02-16-2006, 17:50
You don't really have to have any of the maps, given that the AT is pretty close to civilization and heavily traveled. The Mapdana is a series of 4 bandanas with maps, phone numbers and mileages printed on it, and is quite a nifty product.

That said, I'd be more concerned about your budget if maps are a major factor to you at this point. I suspect you can do quite well with the maps and guide book you have now, but hope you have enough cash.

02-16-2006, 17:51
It's irresponsible to go backpacking anywhere with out maps. Plenty of posts on this subject.

02-16-2006, 18:12
I think I`m just gonna go with what I have now, if I decide I need`em I`ll have my wife order them and mail them to me somewhere along the way. Thanks for the replies .

02-16-2006, 18:15
And likewise it's irresponsible to go backpacking anywhere without cash (Hey can I borrow some of that Lipton's:D )

02-16-2006, 18:55
silly rabbit,you need the atc guidebook and thats all.i only have the georgia one. so when i need more info? ill buy more on the trail,duh. in neels gap i could buy any guide or book i like. no,ill wait and hope to trade or give away my guide as needed.planning doesnt work.faith and trust work.