View Full Version : Sponsorship Opportunity for 1 2006 NOBO Hiker Leaving between 3-1 and 4-1 06

02-16-2006, 15:12
Hikersupply.com has made a last min. decision to sponsor 1 NOBO At Thru-Hiker for the 2006 Hiking Season.

This offer is open to any 2006 NOBO Hiker who will depart Springer Mountain between March 1st 2006 and April 1st 2006 with full intentions of hiking the entire length of the trail with the pack of 2006 Nobo hikers.

There are several strict requirement to be considered for this sponsorship. Please read them carefully before taking the time to reply to our e-mail address set up for this at [email protected]

Please answer all of the following in the shortest manner possible, but still be effective, with your answer. We are not judging spelling and grammer here so dont worry about making a mistake that way.

#1 What date are you leaving Springer Mountain?

#2 What is your estimated arrival at Katahdin?

#3 What is your current pack weight? (estimate)

#4 List each of the following specific gear items in your pack, as in what brand and model?
Water Treatment?
Sleeping Bag? Rain Gear?
Stuff Sacks?
Sleeping Pad?
Water Bottle/hydration type?
Camp Shoes?

#5 Write a brief paragraph about your hiking experience? How much have you done? What trails have you hiked on?

#6 Age and Sex (the second part of this is not a yes or no question)

#7 Outdoor Employment Experience? Where When?
#7a Outdoor Retail Experience? Where When?
#7b Outdoor Voulnteer Experience? Where When? (scouting goes here)

#8 Digital Camera Experience?

#9 Write a small paragraph about how and why you are really attempting this Hike. I want to know why you are going to be successful, I want to know why you are doing this, I want to know something special about what is going to make you successful at this trip.

#10 Attach at least 2 photos, 1 closeup of your face, and 1 of you participating in some recreational activity that shows who you are and what you do.

It is not necessary to have a grand answer for every question above. I prefer some one with outdoor business experience, but that is also not a requirement.

I will make my decision on who the person is and exactly what level of support I am willing to offer. You will be responsible for helping me with 1 or 2 very small marketing tasks. You must have a valid drivers license, and you must help me on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Appalachian Trail Days in Damascuss. I will pick you up and transport you to trail days if you are between TN and PA. Pickup will be on Wednesday and I'll take you back on Sunday. You will be responsible for giving me first hand feedback of things on the trail this year, and helping me to reach out and grow my business. In return, I will offer you up to $500 in gear, including a Granite Gear backpack and Granite Gear Airline storage sacks, and the possibility exists for alot more.

Photo and answer submissions become the property of Appalachian Adventure Equipment LLC.

Some one helped me on my thru-hike back in 03 this very same way. It was a chance meeting of 2 people, that has grown into a great business relationship. It helped me to land employment when I left the trail, and it continues to help me every day of my life.

I am looking for some one special here to help me, could that person be you?

03-04-2006, 00:42
Thanks to everyone who sent an e-mail reply to this offer.

I have selected an individual to take part in this program with me for this year.

I will do this again next year, and as my business grows it will be more than just a few dollars worth of gear.

Thanks again to all, and happy hiking.

Look out for the Journals that have my company logo on the front of them. If you are the last person to write in one and you send in back to me, you will be rewarded with an awesome care package.