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Mother Natures Son
07-14-2018, 06:21
As I was coming into Hamburg, PA I noticed something odd. The end of my hiking stick (Pole) came off leaving me with a 3" Ice spike. I feared that I might get into trouble with such a thing, so I hid it in the car and went home. Looking on line, no one sold parts for this 20+ hiking stick. My question is this, if I bought a new H.S., what type is the best? (Wood or metal.)

07-14-2018, 13:29
Its all personal preference. I use 2 aluminum trekking poles because they are light and I use them to assist me like ski poles. They are invaluable in uphill and downhill sections. My friend uses a single hardwood dowel with rope grip. Lots of options for lighter weight in both areas. You can go crazy with graphite and anti-shock, but in the end its a personal choice.

07-15-2018, 15:23
What he said. There is no "best", only preferences and price points.
I tried, and like, the Cascade mountain tech carbon fiber poles for $45.

Another Kevin
07-15-2018, 16:05
As everyone else says, it's personal preference. My personal preference: aluminium, cork grips, no shock absorbers. My Komperdell poles have given admirable service, and were half the price of Leki or Black Diamond. My daughter has a pair of even cheaper ones from Alibaba that are ok so far.

Confessing to heresy: I use the wrist loops.

07-15-2018, 17:44
Confessing to heresy: I use the wrist loops.

Me too. I can't imagine not using the wrist loops. If you don't use the loops your hands are definitely going to get sweaty and you have to grip the trekking poles rather than guide them. I'm a cross country skier and the same poling techniques are applicable to hiking.