View Full Version : Pittsburgh PA Long Distance Hiking Workshop

02-16-2006, 17:31
I am planning a 3 part series Long Distance hiking workshop in Southwestern Pennsylvania that will help prepair those interested in long distance hiking and Thru-Hiking of trails like the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail for the up coming summer season.

This series will kick off with a meet and greet information session at a location in Suburban Pittsburgh, possibly Boyce Park (monroeville), Mingo Creek Park (Washington County), Brady's Run Park (Beaver County), or another small venue like a firehall, where we can get together for a first time and talk about all aspects of long distance hiking from gear, to health, to preperation, to resupply, etc. We will also cover the essential gear items needed to have a low cost, but successful completion of the rest of the workshop.

The second part of the series will be an overnight gear shakedown and short circuit hike that will probably be held at Ohiopyle State Park or Brady's Run Park in Chippewa Twp Beaver County. We will go over things here like how to make alcohol stoves, how to pitch ultralight tarps, how to cook camp meals from things purchased at a gas station, and how to eat smores around a camp fire (yummy)

The third part of the series will be a planned long distance hike on the Laurel Highlands Trail that will give you the opportunity to try out your gear, spend a night or two or seven, on a well blazed trail, with shelters, and great scenery, and the company of others who are learning, teaching, and shareing there experiences with you.

I have set up tentaive dates for these events.

Part 1 will take place in late April, The weekend of the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. The exact time and location are still to be determined.

Part 2 will take place in late May or Early June probably memorial day weekend, or the first weekend in June.

Part 3 will take place in July, again exact date and time to be determined. Yep, we'll go hiking on the Laurel Highlands Trail during the heat of the summer. I will be fun, and we will start a few miles away from Ohiopyle State Park and hike down hill into the Yough River Valley/gorge and there will be a huge swimming hole waiting for us at the end of the hike, along with some good food and beer at Falls City Pub at the trail head of the LHT.

I promise that what you will get out of this will be worth your time. My self and the others who will be giving out information for these events are the most up to date hikers in the Pittsburgh PA area, and together have tens of thousands of miles of hiking and backpacking experience from boy scouts through long distance expeditions.

I want this to be a free event, or as low a cost as possible if there must be a charge. Any charges will be as a result of fees that will be needed for camping, meeting room rental, or other things, and I will post that stuff at a later date.

I will also post a link in this post to the information page that will be hosted at hikersupply.com on this event.