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07-28-2018, 16:57
So I'm interested in advice from past flip floppers on how to get from Katadyhn back to Harpers Ferry for the second half going south. I'm planning on an April start for 2019. Should I be flying back? Taking a train? My pack is an exos 48 from osprey minus the brain.....I'm thinkin it's small enough for a carry on....anyway, how did some of you successful flippers do that travel leg and what would you recommend I look into? Thanks and happy trails.

07-28-2018, 20:40
In a nut shell, you get a shuttle to a bus station, from there you go to Bangor or Portland and get on a plane, bus or train as you might desire at the time and take it to Washington DC, then the Amtrak to HF. The devil is in the details of figuring out the various schedules and finding out what is available at the last minute, since you won't know when you'll need to the tickets until just a few days before you need them and since there is no internet to speak of for the last 100 miles, it's hard to impossible to do those reservations in advance.

When you get near Katahdin, how to get out of there will be a hot topic, so all the options will be will discussed by those around you.

07-28-2018, 20:50
Oh, BTW renting a car is also an option, especially if you can get a few others in on the deal. Portland. ME to WDC is 550 miles. With an average speed of 60 MPH, you could be there in about 10 hours.

07-29-2018, 00:57
if you have the time and like letting things flow and go and are willing to go and flow with them.......hitch!

07-29-2018, 08:01
Here is an overview of options:

From Katahdin Stream Campground to Millinocket, ME - shuttle
(Strongly recommend spending the night in Millinocket; the A.T. Lodge offers shuttles as well as lodging)
Millinocket, ME to Medway, ME shuttle
Medway, ME to Bangor, ME Cyr Bus

By plane
Bangor, ME to Reagan Airport (airport closest to DC; technically in Arlington, VA. Metrorail to Union Station)
(- Dulles Airport, in Dulles, VA, is closer to Harpers Ferry, but its harder to get to Harpers Ferry via public transportation from there; you have to get transportation back in to the city center, or take an expensive private shuttle out to Harpers Ferry
- Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) sometimes has the cheapest flights, and you can take a MARC commuter train from there to DCs Union Station, but its less convenient than Reagan).
By train
Bangor to Portland, ME Concord Coach Line (Amtrak only goes to Portland)
Portland to Washington DC (Union Station) by train Amtrak
By bus
Bangor to Boston Concord Coach Line
Boston to Washington DC (Union Station) Megabus or Greyhound

Amtrak 7 days a week (late afternoon only)
MARC Commuter Train Mon-Fri (later afternoon and evening only)

Enterprise Car Rental Bangor, ME to Charles Town, WV (7 miles west of Harpers Ferry) - extra charge for one-way rental which may be significant, one-way rental not always available, book in advance. Use ATC hiker discount code: W15509.
Shuttle; Uber; or EPTA bus (Mon-Fri. only)

07-29-2018, 13:11
You can also catch a train from New York.

Odd Man Out
07-29-2018, 16:12
Or you can hike from DC to HF along the C&O Canal. In Georgetown you can stay at the 4 Seasons for 800$ per night. There are campsites once you get out of the city. Foot paths connect both Union Station and DCA airport to the start of the canal.

Or you can fly to ATL airport, shuttle to Springer, and hike the AT back to HF.

07-30-2018, 13:16
Oh, BTW renting a car is also an option, especially if you can get a few others in on the deal. Portland. ME to WDC is 550 miles. With an average speed of 60 MPH, you could be there in about 10 hours.

The only problem may be keeping up that 60 MPH average while staying on a direct route with the traffic often found in the major areas one would pass through between the two.

07-30-2018, 14:22
I like it 'oddmanout'....thinkin out of the box! thanks everone, very good info! I wasn't expecting that level of detail. This really was the kind of info I was needing but didn't realize it. -blazrais