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07-31-2018, 16:00
Hi all,

Me and a friend of mine are planning a 4 day hike in Vermont in mid August 2018. No loop since we will have two cars. Can anyone offer any suggestions that offer good views, access to towns along the way etc...? We are in pretty good shape and can do 10-15 miles a day.

Thanks so much in advance!

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07-31-2018, 23:10
The Long Trail is mostly green tunnel so views are sporadic, often just limited views from a ledge. The fire towers on Glastenbury and Stratton offer good views. The various ponds in this area also make up for the lack of vista type views.

The best views are from Camels Hump and Mt Mansfield, but this is getting into some rugged and somewhat challenging trail in places. The trail south of RT 4 (AT segment) is significantly easier then the trail north of RT 4.

It's good you have 2 cars, loops are not easy to come by in Vermont. You either do point to point or in and back.

08-01-2018, 00:03
starting at camel's hump and heading north is definitely a great hike. hard, yes, so plan less mileage than normal if you do that
You can either end at Stowe, or grab some supplies and carry on if you have time

An easier alternative, but still a very nice hike, is manchester north to Inn at Long trail, next to Rutland; it's about 50 miles. Still some challenging and scenic parts, but not nearly as hard as the above section.

08-01-2018, 00:05
If you do the camel's hump/mansfield section and normally can do 10-15 miles, I would plan for 8-12 on that section. There are quite a lot of shelter options, so it's workable

08-01-2018, 12:58
Bennington to Manchester is 40 miles. As said above...two fire towers and Stratton Pond are highlights as is Prospect Rock overlooking Manchester. Good wilderness area with only 2 gravel forest service roads crossing your hike.

08-03-2018, 14:29
Thanks everyone for the suggestions!