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shades of blue
02-17-2006, 20:29
Does anyone know the current condition of the Forest Service road 230 that goes by Beauty Spot gap and within a mile of Unaka Mt.? I've hiked through there, but want to do a short day hike of this area (possible snow/icy mix) tomorrow. I have a 4X4 jeep. Also...how difficult is it to recognize when you're close to beauty spot gap and within a mile of Unaka mt?


02-17-2006, 21:02
Last year when I lived in Erwin, TN, the gate( at Indian Grave Gap, TN397/ NC197) was closed until somtmie in mid-April. But the road off of TN173, out of Limestone Cove, if I remember correctly was open at least part of the way.
As far as recognizing Beauty Spot Gap, the AT runs parallel to the FS road through the gap between Unaka and Beauty Spot. Look for trail access points, seems there is about 3 right from the road.

You might try this sight for more info. http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/cherokee/index.shtml

Hope this helps.