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08-17-2018, 15:52
Hey guys, just wanted to share my set up. This is a video that I recently made and uploaded to youtube showing my tarp set up for hammock camping or even used for ground shelter. I use 1 carabiner and 1 loop alien for quick and easy deployment. I also have snake skins. The tarp was purchased as a diy kit from RipStop by the Roll and sewn myself. Let me know what you think.


08-17-2018, 17:01
Cool video man, pretty creative stuff sack...I like it.

08-20-2018, 06:39
Cool video man, pretty creative stuff sack...I like it.

The double ended stuff sack is nothing new, in fact its been around for years and is standard issue from all the more well known cottage hammock vendors, such as Blackbird, Dutchwaregear, others....

Check out Hammockforums.com

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08-21-2018, 06:39
What I didn't see was a way to adjust the centering of the tarp between trees, but maybe that part got edited out.

Personally, I would put some prusik loops on those ridgeline D rings. Tie ridge line with bowline or kalmyk to trees on both ends and adjust with the prusiks, totally eliminating hardware.