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02-18-2006, 14:37
Every five weeks or so, I work a half day on Saturday.

As it was -5F this morning, not a totally bad thing.

On these half-days tend to do some projects on my
personal "TO DO" list. The office is quiet and I can
get some stuff done.

So, I put up my new website officially. Magnanti.com
is still active, but you can also now type in
PMags.com. They both go to the same place.

I've had a variation of this e-mail address for ~13
years now. And, as most you know, my last name is just
too damn hard to spell (or pronounce) for many
people. :-) (Hence the 80+ yr old nickname of

Like any renovation project, have a few odds and ends
to finish. (Getting my photos section truly synched up
is the major one). But, overall it is done.

I like the look and makes it easy to get to all the
info I've collected over the years.

Thanks to Ryan (www.backcountry.net) for hosting my
photos for all these years. About time I put it under
my own house. :-D He also hosted my first (very
simple) site four years ago that is still up
Thanks Ryan!

My buddy Josh did the bulk of the work under a new
open source web site management system called Joomla.
I may work as a techie..a web designer I ain't!
Joomla is cool in the sense if you have a lot of
content, it makes it easy to enter and manage. Great
search feature, too. Enough techie talk!

So take a look at my virtual housewarming.

http://www.pmags.com (http://www.pmags.com/)

Eeasier to type than magnanti.com. :)

BYOB. Bring your own food, furniture, carpeting,
counters, etc. as well. ;)


the goat
02-18-2006, 14:46
new site looks great, mags. you've got some killer pics too.....

02-18-2006, 21:45
Just checked out your site Mags. Well done!!! :sun

02-19-2006, 18:18
Just checked out your site Mags. Well done!!! :sun

Well, thanks all for the kind words all!. My buddy Josh deserves a big clap too! :banana

He is using me as a guinea pig and it worked out well for both of us. I am gearing up for my trip in many ways. :)

02-19-2006, 19:52
Thanks for a very nice and inspiring site..I`m just now getting back into the hiking world after a long lay-off and as I condition myself I find nice photos of the trail and especially well written accounts of thru hikes help motivate me to return..A lot of people who`ve written books of thru hikes try and get all artsy or poetic and it ends up ruining the feel of being on the trail with them..Your account was very well written and it was easy to picture the trail going by as I read your words..Best of luck!

02-19-2006, 20:47
I'm starting to remodel my body!