View Full Version : Overnight Parking at Newfound Gap

08-22-2018, 12:34
I couldn't find anything on the GSNP website, but is overnight/longterm parking permitted at Newfound Gap? We would likely be parking our car there for 3-4 days.

Gambit McCrae
08-22-2018, 12:45
I have done this twice with no problem. 3-4 day parking at NFG is allowed

08-22-2018, 13:24
I left mine there for a week back in March with no issues.

08-22-2018, 13:36
So long as you have a back country permit... where you're required to include Licence Plate information, you won't have any problem because any ranger that decides to investigate your car will be able to find your permit information and know based on the details of your permit that you're still in the back country and the vehicle has not been abandoned.

08-22-2018, 14:40
Probably fine
But only reason to park there would be an out-n-back to someplace close. Unless have 2 cars and are avoiding shuttle.

The drive time to do the 2 car thing sucks on both ends