View Full Version : Smokies Appalachian Trail in fall for colors

08-23-2018, 11:30
Hi, wondering if anybody had an idea of the best time to hike the AT thru the Smokies to see the fall colors this year. Thanks,

Gambit McCrae
08-23-2018, 11:37
Mid to late October is wonderful in the park. Early October will be green

08-23-2018, 15:24
Fall hits GSMNP in a slow moving wave that washes down the mountain side.
The first fall colors can start showing at the highest elevations at the beginning of October.
By mid October, the first fall colors should start showing at the lower elevations, with higher elevations at or beyond peak colors.
By late October, fall colors should be at their peak at lower elevations and the show mostly over at higher elevations.
By Holloween, the peak show is over at all elevations, and by Veteran's day, all the leaves are on the ground.

If you're hiking the AT, I would suggest targeting the 2nd week of October. Otherwise, for general hiking in GSMNP, I would agree with Gambit that mid-to-late October is ideal.