View Full Version : Iron-On Seal Seal for Hydroplus 100% Nylon

08-25-2018, 14:49
I have a Columbia Glennaker Lake jacket that fits perfectly keeps me 100% dry except along the seam that runs across my back.. For $5.00 I can purchase iron-on GoreTex seam tape. I requires the use of an iron set to medium. My concern is what the heat will do to the nylon.

Anyone here have experience with undertaking such a foolish project?

Maui Rhino
08-25-2018, 15:34
I've used iron-on goretex tape a couple of times. Obviously too much heat will melt your jacket. I used a special iron I found at my local sewing store that has a couple of small interchangeable heads... One of which is a little heart-shaped blade that is only 1" wide, same as my tape. I used medium low heat, kept the mini-iron on the tape only, and kept it moving constantly, while applying a little pressure.

Maui Rhino
08-25-2018, 15:40
Here's the iron I used.... The Clover Mini Iron II...


08-25-2018, 17:59
Or you could send me jacket to Rainy Pass in Seattle for factory authorized repair.
Good luck!

08-26-2018, 20:49
Or follow the instructions to seamseal a tarptent on tarptent.com.
...seems like it should work, and isn't too difficult - though you may need a helper.