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09-07-2018, 21:20
Finished Amacolla Falls to Three Forks today. This is my second section hike and I'm getting better and stronger each year I section hike. One problem I had was the excitement to get up to Springer and I had a geat view but, a very bad smell of something dead took my breath away. The flies were horrific so I stayed approximately 3mins. and couldn't take it anymore. I was very disappointed but I made it to the top and was proud of myself. Then, as I am on the hike to find a water source at Springer Mountain Shelter, I was even more disappointed at the fact that there was no water source and the flies at the prevy were horrendous. The area was in disarray and it was pretty sad to say the least. It also looked like a bunch of folks left there belongings around the camp area and looked like it was sitting there for months. Anyway, I think more can be and should be done to clean up shelters areas as well as campsites. Thanks for listening yall. Keep hiking. Peace and love!

09-08-2018, 03:28
This is a perfect example of people not practicing the Leave No Trace policies. Granted not every day or weekend hiker knows about LNT but if you see it not being followed, take the opportunity to inform and teach them LNT. Your attitude about this should remain friendly and not bossy. Springer Mountain shelter is right there at the beginning, so it will receive a lot of traffic and as a thru/section hiker you can lead by example and pick up all that you can and carry it out. I believe there are waste receptacles at the FR 42 parking lot, so it is not like you are lugging it too far.

09-08-2018, 07:00
Also this is a great example why individuals and local hiking clubs should be spending less time doing gigantic trail magic weekend extravaganzas in the spring time 4 miles north of Springer, and more time working through their ATC chapter for volunteer opportunities (aka real trail magic).

09-08-2018, 12:19
Good for you for going hiking! As you hike more you will come to accept things like smells, weather, and water conditions that none of us can change. But yes at first they can be a little disturbing.