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09-10-2018, 11:56
I did a five day trip up to BSP last week (after the Labor Day rush). Three days were backpacking out in the central part of the park in the Wassataquoik Lake and Russell Pond with a trip over Katahdin from the NW basin to KSC followed by two nights at Daicey Pond. No rain and clear skies for five days. All of our staff interactions were excellent. We saw several new/replacement structures that will improve future visitors experiences. I expect the new winter cabin at Daicey is going to be in big demand.

We saw a few thru hikers but our itinerary really didnt line up with the typical spots we would see them except on the Hunt trail out to Daicey Pond late in the afternoon.

I learned a few new things and have a definite must camp shelter in the backcountry. Hard to beat!

09-11-2018, 06:50
I'm doing a similar trip next week with friends, not doing the peak but it involves Rooaring Brook, Wass, Russell, Pogy and South Branch. We're hoping for good weather! At least it will be cooler... been a steamy hot summer, for sure.

Glad to hear that all went well for you. I don't know what to expect trail wise because I've only been up there in winter. But we did the Grafton Notch Loop last year so it's probably like that with a good bit less, uh, verticality. :)

09-11-2018, 16:36
It was wetter than expected in some spots. The backcountry really quiets down after Labor Day. FYI the water supply at Russell Pond is the pond and it has a decided flavor to it. I think a carbon filter may take it out but Aquamira didnt.

Make sure you do the Traveler Loop when at South Pond and start real early in the AM. Its a fantastic loop well worth it. Just do not underestimate it. Its one of my top five in Maine.

09-11-2018, 19:38
Thanks for the info... will give it consideration for our itinerary.

Yes, some pond water can have a distinctly unpleasant smell/taste. Will keep that in mind... perhaps collect water from a running stream on the way to camp.