View Full Version : Seeking to lighten up?

White Chocolate
02-19-2006, 12:53
To all those finding their packs too heavy and worrying about knee and ankle strength before their upcoming thru-hike, your interests would be well served by checking out these resources:
www.backpackinglight.com (http://www.backpackinglight.com)
www.gossamergear.com (http://www.gossamergear.com)

I recently attended a slide show hosted by Andy Skurka, to which very few folks showed up. If you haven't heard or read about him in Backpacker he was the first individual to hike the 7,300+ mile Sea-to-Sea trail. He is currently doing a nationwide tour to discuss his experiences and ultralightweight packing-- which he attibutes to allowing him to accomplish such a huge feat. Check out: http://www.golite.com/2seas2feet/index.asp to find a stop near you. Also check www.andrewskurka.com (http://www.andrewskurka.com) to access his gear lists and pictures. His website has been a great resource for me in preparing for this thru-hike and I think everyone should meet him and listen to his story if they have the chance.

Truly everyone must figure out their optimal balance on the trail, but losing pounds only helps every aspect of hiking.