View Full Version : Caribou Valley Road in great shape (Sugarloaf Mtn. access--Maine)

09-21-2018, 20:56
Hi all,

I just completed a day-hike of Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine and accessed the AT via Caribou Valley Road--with a Honda Fit (which sits very low to the ground). The road is currently being worked on and re-graded.

The first 2 miles from Route 27 are freshly graded and it's a level dirt road (no gravel or rocks). I saw a worker out there with heavy equipment right after the two mile point.

There's a short rough patch at the 2-mile point and again at the 3-mile point. But, they're not that bad. At 3.8 miles, the gate is closed. It's a 0.5 mile easy walk to the AT from there. (The bridges beyond that closed gate don't really look that bad, but there is erosion along the edges and a couple damaged bridge areas.)
Note: There is a sign for 'Caribou Pond Road' on Route 27.

Last year, I accessed Mahoosuc Notch via Success Pond Road (and a quick side trail) and that seemed much worse of a ride. There were some extremely rough patches. And, that was with a Honda CRV (no 4-wheel drive, but it is a small SUV with decent clearance).