View Full Version : Presidential Traverse: RMC Huts / Bunks?

09-25-2018, 12:46
I'm headed up to do a Presidential Traverse and some additional trail this week. I imagine the answer is no but can anyone please confirm if the RMC huts along the traverse have any form of bed pads similar to the bunks at the AMC huts?


09-25-2018, 13:13
Its been awhile but my memory is the space at Gray Knob is a flat hard floor. I think Crag Camp is the same but the bunk rooms are smaller. Note that both are down off the ridge line from the actual Traverse route.

Note that its popular time of the year for huts due to leaf season and college programs.

09-25-2018, 14:03
Mattress pads on the floor at Gray Knob. I believe Crag camp has bunks, but it's been awhile since I stopped in there.

09-25-2018, 20:29
Mattress pads at both Crag and Gray Knob. But just a pad, no blankets like the huts. When cold, these mattress can take a while to warm up. It's nice to have your own to put over it. The Perch is of course just tent platforms and a classic log lean-to.

If you plan to go from RMC camp to Nauman, be sure to have spare batteries for your headlamp. You'll get there well after dark. Keep an eye on the weather. After the second front with heavy rain moves thru tomorrow night, it looks good through the weekend, then gets iffy mid week. You could encounter wind chills in the teens or single digits above tree line. With a nice weekend forecast, it will be busy.

You might want to take an easier trail down to Crawford from Mizpah then the AT route.

09-25-2018, 20:55
Thank's for the feedback

09-26-2018, 17:10
Oh yeah, I agree with Slope, don't go down Webster Cliff trail in bad weather. The bypass is an official AT route for dangerous conditions. There are a couple of places on that trail that if you slip, you're landing in Crawford Notch, a long way down.

09-26-2018, 23:26
Reverse traverse. Starting at Crawford. Regardless, will keep comentary on Webster Cliff in mind. Thank you.
Later start Fri. Get up to Miapah for the night and bag around...
Hike Sat. If the weather allows. It's not looking promising.

09-27-2018, 21:40
It was a nice day up there today. I was up at Gray Knob helping to build a new composting deck behind the privy :)

Sounds like morning showers tomorrow - it started clouding up late in afternoon, but the rest of the weekend is still looking good. You'll want to be somewhere else Tuesday-Wednesday.

Meet four hikes heading up to Gray Knob as I was coming down, the weekend advance guard...