View Full Version : Hammock on the AT. Can I? Suggestions

02-10-2003, 16:50
I'm wanting to use my hammock to hike the AT. I do not want to stay in the shelters but will hang outside the shelters. No rodents in my hammock. I heard there are some places that do not have any trees. I would rather not set up my hammock with my trekking poles. I think I would like to push on to the next shelter/campsite so i can hang my hammock there.

Does anyone know what areas are not good for my hammock so i can plan accordingly?

Thanks for any help you offer.

02-10-2003, 17:12
The hammock was basically born to be used on the AT. Granted there are a handful of places where there aren't trees like the balds down south, Presidential Range NH, Katahdin, road crossings, and most parking lots.

ie You will be just fine with a hammock.

02-10-2003, 17:35
thanks for the input. anyone else got anything to add?

Lone Wolf
02-10-2003, 17:39
Wingfoot says not to hammock near water sources or shelters.

02-10-2003, 17:42
Who is wingfoot? And why does he say not to hang near the shelters? Seems to me this would create more space for people that do want the shelters.

Lone Wolf
02-10-2003, 17:44
He owns Trailplace. You were on there today.

02-10-2003, 17:47
He just owns a website? That's it? Does he even hike or anything? Hog on Ice finally turned me onto this place. Great site. So, what is his theory on not hanging near the shelters? :-?

Lone Wolf
02-10-2003, 17:50
He used to hike. Hasn't in over 10 years as far as anyone knows. He's a self-proclaimed know-it-all and elitist.

02-10-2003, 17:52
LMAO!!!! That is too funny Lone Wolf. He said something like it is bad for the trees. The "leave no trace " people actually endorse it. Kind of ironic.

02-10-2003, 20:29
Bbinkley, To answer your ? yes he hikes but he as turned to a scrooge in the past years who feels his opinion is the only way to go in regards to the AT He has trailplace and writes the thru hikers handbook. He hates Cell phones,Technology, Blueblazers,yellowblazers, pot smoke pipe smoke cigareete smoke, and if you disagree on his site you are deleted and banned. That is why mabny of of cannot stand his personality.

SGT Rock
02-10-2003, 20:40
And those are his good points :D

02-10-2003, 21:39
LMAO!!! Oh my gosh. This is more of the crowd that I'm use to.

I guess I would be banned then. I smoke cigarettes(politely off the side of the trail and keep all my cig butts in my pocket), love cell phones and like Gps's and I love my hammock which he thinks ruins the trees. Oh well. Looks like you guys are stuck with me then.

SGT Rock
02-10-2003, 21:42
Welcome aboard then. We have to go somewhere we aren't banned for saying "Cell Phone" LOL:banana

02-10-2003, 21:44
Thanks sgt. I've read several of your posts over on TT. Nice site here too.

SGT Rock
02-10-2003, 21:54
I once posted a lot more on TT. I've been going there since 1997, but lately there are too many trolls and off topic threads for my taste.

02-10-2003, 21:56
I agree. It can get pretty wacky over there sometimes. I came over b/c I am going to hike the AT and need some good info from people that have done the trail. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions in the future.

Walkie Talkie
02-10-2003, 22:04
SGT what site is TT?

Walkie Talkie:confused:

02-10-2003, 22:07
Yeah I hiked the whole trail with a Hennessey Hammock and really had no problems. In Ga. I was the only one, by Va others had opted for the hammock. A couple of times when a group would decide to camp in a nice meadow I would have to use trekking poles for that tent effect(that would have sucked if it had been raining) But other times when people were looking for flat spots for there tents ,all I needed was two trees, which by the way I didnt leave a trace. If anything I left less of a trace than the big matted spots that the tents left. I remember some big granite ridges in N.Y. I swung above them on a cool breezy nite. I didnt have to worry about tent pegs. I even hung it in the shelter one nite in Maine. Bring a ground pad though because the cool air will travel under you and keep you chilly on some nites

02-10-2003, 22:11
Virginian-that's great to hear that you used it the whole way. I've used my hammock alot and grit my teeth when i have to use a tent. Can't wait to use it on this trip

02-10-2003, 22:16
Is it a Hennessey? Pretty cool item on a hot summer nite! At Trail Days I did pitch a tarp though. Good luck when you go.

02-10-2003, 22:18
Yes, it is a hennessy. I have the Safari Ultralight. I love that thing. I opted to go with the bigger model to have more room and to be able to pull my pack inside if it is just pouring down rain.

SGT Rock
02-10-2003, 22:30
TT = Trail Talk. It's the forum at www.thebackpacker.com. Back in 1997 it was one of a few good boards, but it slowly degenerated into a forum about just about everything but hiking. The number of trolls at the site seemed to grow every year, and it is certain that many of them are the same person.

Occasionally I still go there because there is still some hiking talk going on there, and there are some cool regulars there, but I don't care for wading through all the crap anymore.

02-10-2003, 22:34
I have the safari ultra lite also. Worked for me. I left my pack outside with the pack cover on it. I also took replaced the rainfly cord with shock cord. That way when my weight pulled the hammock down the rainfly came down from the shock cord pulling it. Tom Hennessy has a bigger fly for the ultra lite he was trading the upgrade a traildays last year. Also has that two piece tube for the safari.$30.00 I just got mine in the mail about a month ago.

02-10-2003, 23:12
Yeah, I like the idea of the shock cord. I got my hammock from him last november. Been great. No compaints. I've used it all winter long. I have the snakeskins as well. I will definately have to consider the shock cord.

Also I found that when it is pouring down rain, you can take the shock cord on the actual hammock and tie them underneath the hammock to each other. This works well for added protection in the rain.

Trail Yeti
02-11-2003, 00:03
Nobody listen to Virginian...he just thinks he did the trail, he was really yellow blazin the whole way, chasing down me and moonshine to bother us for 1400 miles!!!
ha ha ha ...just kidding VA...how ya been?
drop me a line sometime.

02-11-2003, 08:59
Walkie Talkie the TT site is TheBackpacker.com/TrailTalk (http://www.thebackpacker.com/trailtalk/)

expect everyone to assume you are a troll unless you meet someone else from the site and post a picture

a good if occassionally a bit rough site - a fairly low signal to noise ratio however, a lot of bull**** which I happen to like, some **** I don't like and a fairly hands off webmeister but not quite as hands off as the folks here - Matt will delete postings/threads if the poster really goes over the top of what is acceptable

one word of warning - never use a link supplied by violin :D

02-11-2003, 23:52
Hey Yeti, Hows it goin? I wasnt chasen you and Moonshine. I was just trying to keep up!! The scary thing is that some people do listen to me. Oh yeah, you had a hammock too . I almost forgot. Hope to see ya at Trail days.

Trail Yeti
02-12-2003, 00:50
going good. I was a late addition to the treedwelling crowd, didn't get mine until vermont.
I will definately see you at Trail Days.

Hammock Hanger
02-13-2003, 10:00
I could not hammock on Max Patch Bald... other then that I was always able to hang when I wanted. Hammock Hanger
:banana (Okay I just had to use the new guy!!)