View Full Version : Painting the Appalachian Trail

10-07-2018, 01:29

Hey AT people! I thru hiked sobo in 2016, and am now going back and telling that story through paintings! The above video is a time lapse of the attached painting, including a portion of my own trail journal from when I hiked this area.
I painted this picture in watercolors over ink, and it's of one of my favorite sections on the entire trail. The Presidential Range in the White Mountains. More specifically it's of the Lake of the Clouds Hut just south of mount washington.
This time lapse is just around 5 minutes, taken from 15 hours worth of work sped up to 10,000% speed so you can watch me buzzing around laying down the paint super super fast!

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10-11-2018, 08:34
excellent work! love the painting, @whyask