View Full Version : GoPro head mount harness

10-07-2018, 16:38
Does anyone use a head mount harness with the gopro? If you do/don't, why did you make that decision? I plan an AT thru hike next year and would really appreciate some feedback on this idea.

10-11-2018, 17:01
Donít do it.
I gave up on GoPros because there was no stabilization. Theyíve probably improved but putting it on your head is still bad.

This isnít my video and is from 2016 but I picture this is what the footage would look like of your AT hike.


I take video using my iPhone and try to get a lot of footage where the camera itself doesnít move. I mount the camera to my hiking pole, inset the pole into the ground and then hike by it to get myself in the picture. Sure itís a pain but at least I know it will be watchable.