View Full Version : Wireless or not graphic drawing tablet?

10-09-2018, 22:38
Hi guys

If this topic is covered elsewhere I apologize. Been doing a lot of researching on tablets for use with my photography and I think I'm going for the XP-Pen DECO 03. I see it comes with wireless connectivity and I'm wondering how effective it is as it's a feature you obviously pay for and if it's not that reliable then maybe the cheaper xppen OSU Star G640S models more useful?.I'd like to make full use of it's features with Photoshop .

Oh, and here the tablet itself: https://www.xp-pen.com/goods/show/id/314.html

Are there any that you suggest? what is a good graphics tablet for a beginner while keeping it under $100 ? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance .

Feral Bill
10-09-2018, 23:19
How are you planning to use your device? Are you planning to upload photos to it? I don't see that listed as a feature. For high portability I'd be looking at a MS Surface Go. Anything for photography, sadly, is not cheap.

10-10-2018, 10:58
I've not used this device, but I've been using the Wacom professional tablets for a long time. My current tablet is the Intuous Pro and it has wireless (bluetooth) built in. I don't find the wireless very useful - it gets laggy sometimes for no apparent reason, making the pen difficult to use. I just keep it plugged in via USB.