View Full Version : Weather! Delaware water gap section Nobo last week of October

10-17-2018, 20:52

I am planning to go hiking around the last week of October, Delaware gap section heading north.
According to the weather forecast, temperatures in Delaware water gap for that week vary between 45-55 day time and 30-40 night time.
What should I expect in the upper parts of the trail? What gear should I bring along?

From your experience, is this a good time to hike this part (considering the weather)? Other suggestions?

After around five-six days of hiking, where can I go out of the trail?

Thank you!

10-18-2018, 00:08
That's a pleasant time to hike, provided it doesn't rain. But it probably will rain at some point in a weeks time, so you need to be ready for that. Your staying in pretty much the same climate zone so I wouldn't expect too much variation from one end to the other.

I would bring a 20 degree bag and an insulated mat. A tent is optional as it shouldn't be any problem staying in shelters, you'll likely have them mostly to yourself. However, sleeping in a tent can be noticeably warmer.

The most convenient place to get off the trail would be at one of the commuter train stops which go to NYC. One only runs on the weekends. Not sure you can get to one in a weeks time though, given the short hours of hiking this time of year.

What you need is a guide book, if you don't have one already. Since you plan this trip in about week, getting the Guthook app for your phone is the most expedient thing to do.

Gambit McCrae
10-18-2018, 13:07
Ill be doing little gap to duncannon starting within the next 48 hours, weather is 0% chance of rain until Friday. To get that long of a time frame in October without rain is like winning the lottery. I have spent many of an October week walking in the rain.

I am taking my 15* bag, thicker down jacket, beanie, light gloves, wool leggings, long sleeve camp shirt, running shorts, zip off pants and exped synmat 7. oh and a duplex :)

10-22-2018, 14:11
I hiked SOBO from NY/NJ border to High Point NJ last fall, in the first weekend of November. It was very pleasant hiking temps, though I got rides to and from the trail each night and stayed in town (Port Jervis NY).

Keep in mind that for the first ~20-25 miles of the Jersey section NOBO, there are only tent-sites available, no shelters. Wear hunter orange and keep aware of your surroundings; I heard many gunshots last year in November. Hard to know how far you'll get in five or six days, it depends on how fast you hike. Unionville, maybe? I had an easy-ish time getting Uber rides to and from the trail. There's also a terrific shuttle guy in the area. Have a great hike!