View Full Version : Thanksgiving section

10-28-2018, 12:35
I have a couple days of leave in late November and am considering a multi day out and back section hike in the vicinity of blood mountain.

In terms of weather what should I expect?I planned on taking my zero degree bag and full assortment of fleece/down along with gloves, face mask etc.

just dad
10-28-2018, 15:30
I have hiked the Georgia trail during numerous Thanksgiving weeks. It can be blissfully nice with daytime temperatures in the 60s and it can be bitterly cold with lows in the single digits.

10-29-2018, 13:37
Pack as much as you can or want to for sub 30 degree lows. Might get milder weather. Might get 20s. Guess you can take stuff out day before as needed. Might have to plan on hiking more and camping less - sitting around camp gets cold.

Gambit McCrae
10-29-2018, 14:32
I started the completion of GA during Thanksgiving 2014. I had snow and it was quite chilly in a 15* bag

Trail Lady
11-13-2018, 12:14
I will be hitting the trail for my last shake down hike from Hogpen and where ever 6 days takes me.

Speakeasy TN
11-15-2018, 22:49
Expect everything between 15 and 70! Be ready to layer up at night and peel it off all day. Anything between snow and sunburn is in play.