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11-05-2018, 18:46
My Backpack tends to push my Columbia shorts downward. I suspect a number of folks have to tighten the belt and periodically pull up their pants. OK. I can not find lightweight bib overalls with zippered pants legs suitable for hiking. I like the pockets and breast pockets. So image bib overalls made from the same material as the Columbia cargo shorts or pants. Add plastic zippers on the pockets, quick release buckles for the suspenders (kind you see on hiking straps), and zippered removable lower pants legs. Yes, manly lederhosen with pockets for hiking. Imagine the template for the overalls are the Wrangler bib overalls you can buy on the internet.

I CAN NOT find something like this anywhere. My plan is to find a tailor who will take the Wrangler bib overall I have purchased and use it as a template to make lightweight hiking equivalent. Plenty of pockets everywhere. Long pants or shorts as needed. Stay tuned. May be a few months.

11-05-2018, 18:58
I'm constantly pulling 'em up! Love this idea!

Cyclists use bib shorts for this reason.

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11-05-2018, 19:39
Intriguing. Separating the issues...
1. Holding the pants up - suspender function
2. Pockets - storage function
3. Zipoffs - shorts function

Could you use ordinary suspenders for this? Would they be comfortable under a pack? Could you add short suspender straps from the pack to the pants?
I've seen (can't find a link) pack accessories that add storage to the front, not just a waistbelt pocket, but almost like a backless vest.

11-05-2018, 20:06
I've got the three functions, with zip-off pants, a Ribz pack, and suspenders. They function pretty well together, although I often use just one or two. I like the idea of combining it all into one garment. I may have to look for that Wranglers pattern and give this a try.

11-05-2018, 21:07
Gotta be rainbow suspenders

11-06-2018, 16:25
The bib overalls have those nice chest pockets. I can put stuff there rather than pay for strap pouches, etc. etc.

11-06-2018, 16:27
The wrangler bib overalls are made of a ripstop denim like material. Too heavy and hot.

11-06-2018, 17:39
Fantastic idea!! Make a women's version too Please! I'll keep an eye out for this! Pants or shorts fits and feels fine until I get hot and sweaty and my pack starts shoving my pants down. Drives me nuts and causes more abrasion on my lower back than I would have with this option.

11-08-2018, 17:12
You may want to give a triathlon bib a try. They breathe pretty well and are designed with running in mind.

Old Hillwalker
11-08-2018, 17:29
When I was hiking in the 60s and 70s, the shorts we wore were considerably shorter that what seems to be in style today. I don't recall having a problem keeping them up. This past spring while hiking in Spain I had a couple of days when I had to resort to wearing my swim trunks to hike in. There were wonderful, didn't ride down and were light and airy, but shorter than mid thigh. I wonder if the almost knee length shorts of today are the cause of them riding down as you walk? I also noticed that non-US hikers, especially Aussies wear really short hiking shorts that look straight out the 60s. Do they know something we don't?

12-28-2018, 18:07
My daughter lives in Manhattan. I took my Wrangler bib overalls, ripstop nylon fabric, zippers, and buttons to a tailor. Stay tuned.

12-28-2018, 19:05
Here (https://www.amazon.com/Oktoberfest-German-Bavarian-Lederhosen-Costume/dp/B014WQCDSY/ref=pd_sbs_193_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B014WQCDSY&pd_rd_r=e5539a3a-0af4-11e9-8d13-d5ed4d8cec35&pd_rd_w=3fV9H&pd_rd_wg=OTU51&pf_rd_p=7d5d9c3c-5e01-44ac-97fd-261afd40b865&pf_rd_r=NV6J0MFTXCGHXY385CFC&refRID=NV6J0MFTXCGHXY385CFC) ya go!


12-28-2018, 19:09
Although on a serious note, Montbell suspenders (https://www.montbell.us/products/disp.php?p_id=1109021) are excellent.

For really cold weather, mountaineering bibs are perfect but they are rather heavy and expensive.

12-28-2018, 21:52
Womens version is called a Pinafore. A pattern for it might be available at JoAnne fabrics.


https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQyJpEwO4mGTVpUxptwhDzWoxg20kXAa oadhJhpVt94H5-2tit-https://static.pullandbear.net/2/photos/2018/I/0/1/p/9393/340/806/9393340806_4_1_3.jpg?t=1541174949346

Harrison Bergeron
12-29-2018, 11:42
Overalls would be heavy and hot, regardless of what you make them out of. I use suspenders. The only problem is that normal suspenders are too stretchy and the metal parts dig into you. I took a pair of ordinary suspenders and sewed them to the correct length without the clasps. I reduced the sketchiness by sewing seams lengthwise in places. And a belly bag works much better than breast pockets. It gives you a waterproof place to keep your electronics and valuables, not to mention a candybar or two.

12-29-2018, 12:49
A working mans kilt:D


12-29-2018, 13:34
Sounds like you're looking for lederhosen.

Leo L.
12-30-2018, 04:31
The nightmare of my youth!

Seriously, I was looking for a bib overall for hiking once as I too have the problem with the pack pushing down the pants.
After trying on some workers bibs I rembered that bibs were the dress code for European hitchhikers back in the 60ties and 70ties, and I could clearly see them dragging up the suspenders all the time that kept falling off the shoulders.
Remembered the funny anectode when a friend accidentially dropped the suspenders into the fresh pile in the bushes which let her stink for days.
I decided that bibs were not my way to go.

12-30-2018, 10:21
Cooler-lighter, just shorten the length