View Full Version : Walmart Hydration Pack

02-20-2006, 14:20
Anyone seen/used the 2-liter hydration pack inserts at Walmart? I forget the brand, but they're about $9, versus $19 for my 2-liter Platypus. I'm thinking of getting one for my girlfriend's pack... but want to make sure there aren't any issues with leaking, poor flow through the bite-valve, etc. I know you typically get what you pay for... but there's not much to a Platypus anyway. So why spend the extra $10?

02-20-2006, 14:27
I bought one from Target that looks exactly the same as the walmart brand. (might be the same).

I thought the thing would fall apart. My plan was if I used it a lot I could justify a camelbak or something similar.

Well I haven't been able to destroy it. It's held up more than well.