View Full Version : Death of Roo.

Speakeasy TN
11-09-2018, 16:01
Sad to report that yesterday we lost Roo, who was one of my favorite folks from the 2011 class. He was blindsided by a medical diagnosis just weeks ago and was still out fighting brushfires just a few months ago. He and wife Taz were real favorites early on the journey and even though he got sidelined with the ugliest ankle sprain I've ever seen in NC, he will always be one of my favorite trail memories. Happy Trails sir!

11-13-2018, 23:22
Please include Roo's name. I knew of two with that trail name. I cant 100% recall the wife's trail name of the one I'm picturing although it might have been TAZ. TU

Speakeasy TN
11-15-2018, 14:18
Allen Nelson, wife Margaret.