View Full Version : Internal frame pack with external frame support?

11-10-2018, 20:58
I am getting back in to backpacking and I need a new pack. I really enjoy the support that is offered from external frame packs but I do not carry huge loads when backpacking. I am looking for a internal frame pack that has great support for putting the weight on my hips and keeping the load away from my back. Does this pack exist?

11-10-2018, 23:06
Before going to a Zpacks Arc Blast external frame pack I used the Gossamer Gear Gorilla and really liked it. Light, strong, internal frame put the weight right on my hips when loaded correctly.


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11-10-2018, 23:53
Try the Osprey Exos 48 or higher size, it has the frame that supports and is pretty good weight wise.

For what you are asking I would not consider such ultra light packs such as Z-pack thats in a different category.

Feral Bill
11-11-2018, 03:13
There are many choices. It comes down to fit, features, fit, weight, fit, volume, and fit. Shop in person and/or at a store offering a satisfaction guaranty. Some cottage makers may fit the bill.

11-11-2018, 03:56
The Osprey line of packs with the AG system are a hybrid external/internal frame pack. I like the Aura/Atmos line-up for their superior comfort and weight carrying capabilities.

I believe the Gregory Optic is of a similar design but I have not tried it out. I have heard good things though.

You should also check out the Andrew Skurka designed Flex Capacitor by Sierra Designs or the Fusion by Six Moon Designs as both are known to be good weight carriers but fairly light packs.

ZPacks do some great packs with a lightweight external frame but unless your gear is UL and you consistently carry 25lbs or more including food and water I wouldn't recommend it...however a good choice if it is under.

Captain Panda
11-11-2018, 10:52
I echo DuneElliot. The Osprey Atmos (male); Aura (female) provides great support from the hip belt, and the AG system is designed to keep weight off the back. Your definition of "huge loads" will determine the most effective choice. If you usually carry 25-30 lbs fully loaded; those packs will be very comfortable; less than 25 lbs, consider the ZPacks.