View Full Version : Genius idea for shelter graffiti

11-11-2018, 14:08
Saw this at the Mountaineer Shelter in TN yesterday and thought this was an absolutely genius idea:


I am not sure how long they have been up, but this one has been painted over at least once to refresh it.

Amazingly, it seems to have worked, as the rest of the shelter was mostly graffiti free. There was a little, including one from 2017, that was still there, but overall, a major improvement from some shelters that I have seen in the past. I would be curious to know what this particular shelter looked like before the board was put up.

I guess the trail club decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

Rain Man
11-11-2018, 15:30
Worth a try!!!

11-11-2018, 15:59
Years ago, I built our daughters a "Fort playhouse" (2 stories). The first floor, all the inside walls were done with white mason/dry erase boards. Toss in the markers.....they had a blast. 15 years later, and some of their art is still there.

11-12-2018, 10:25
There was one of these at Moreland Gap Shelter in 2017 and it seemed just as effective. I think its a great idea.

11-12-2018, 10:50
A lot of shelters have an awful mess of graffiti, and it's really disappointing that other hikers would deface the shelters in that way. The ATC ought to take note of the success at the shelters using these graffiti boards and encourage the maintaining clubs to put them in most if not all the shelters.