View Full Version : Recommended shuttle for mcafee knov

11-13-2018, 12:41
Hello, I am doing a short section hike, and will need a shuttle from dragons tooth parking lot, to Harvey's knob overlook. This will be on December 5th, early morning. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you in advance.

map man
11-13-2018, 19:48
I highly recommend Homer and Therese Witcher in that area -- they live in Daleville and have been shuttlers and trail maintainers for years. Therese shuttled me from Daleville to Bland this May and was wonderful -- she was on time and the conversation was enjoyable the whole way.

Their email: witchers4@juno.com

Homer's phone: 540-266-4849

Therese's phone: 540-266-8912

11-13-2018, 20:41
Thanks a ton! I think I remember homer. An older gentlemen if I remember correctly. I m not sure how he slipped my mind. I appreciate the help. This helps A lot!