View Full Version : In praise of Frogg Toggs DriDucks UltraLite II Rain Jacket....

11-17-2018, 06:57
I section hike the at in 60-100 mile increments every fall
My section this year started at the mt rogers welcome center and ended at
woods hole hostel
The weather was unseasonably warm the first two days, cold windy rain for two days, then scattered showers/cool my last two days. Although common weather on the trail, was my worse weather by far for my annual hike.
Ive used my jacket/rainpants very little on my trips because i rarely experienced significant rain but
ALWAYS packed them just in case
The point of my post is this...
The jacket (i never wore the pants) saved my trip
It at least made the week bearable
The warmth that it provides too, is amazing
It is UL, seems to breath some, cuts the wind, is waterproof, and seems durable (enough)
The fit is huge though, flaps in the wind. I wish it were longer too, 4-6 inches maybe.
But for the price,weight,packability, breathable, waterproof....
Somewhat of a gear snob here, it still amazes me as i write this how well it served my for wind/rain protection
I would like to hear of something even close (i really would)
i hope this semi-review can help a hiker or two

11-17-2018, 09:28
I would like to hear of something even close (i really would)
Good luck. These things are the best and worst of jackets. No "WPB" rain gear can touch them as far as waterproofness, but they're easily torn, worn and punctured, plus the zipper will rip right out if you give the pull a quick jerk.
I tried one for backpacking(cause of early death, zipper) after being out in continuous heavy rain for 4hrs on a fishing trip and my top half staying completely dry.
Got two more at work, one new, and the other on the way out. The old one looks like a patchwork quilt with all the duct tape patches, some over small rips, others over places the outer layer has worn completely through, plus a strip along the zipper backing. But it's never failed to keep me dry. Rain causes problems at my work, and the worse it rains, the longer I'm out in it. I'm in Alabama, and we get it by the inches when a big storm system rolls through, so sometimes that's all night.
I may have to be careful of the frogg toggs, but they sure beat trying to work in heavy PVC raingear.

11-17-2018, 10:24
I too primarily do long section Hikes of the AT and other trails. For a decade plus the Frogg Togg was Jacket my go too rain top/in camp jacket. During that time owned 3. I have no complaints and as an inexpensive relatively light jacket it is a good option. First one the longest, until wear tear dictated I replace it, 2nd one disappeared/I left it somewhere, 3rd one I still have. But, for XMAS one year I was given a Marmot PreCip and that is now my go to jacket.


11-17-2018, 10:27
Have had one tear on mine. Was on the hood to body seam. I seldom get off the trail other than for water or a stick or two so i dont require much abrasion resistance...

11-17-2018, 11:19
Rather impressed with FTs too, and unlike others the pants seemed to work fine and even more surprising somehow did not ride down unlike everything else I wear. My only complaint probably would apply to any rain pants: mud would migrate UP the pants leg as I walked, I assume from rubbing contact. So a couple hours in the rain had me looking like I was mud wrestling.
But overall, good stuff and I feel I was never in any danger of blowing the crotch out of the pants which seems to be a universal issue, so for me at least, VERY little motivation to look for an alternative.

11-17-2018, 11:43
I wore the pants on a trip one time a few years ago. We woke up to snow, temps in the upper 20's one morning. I hiked in them for half a day for warmth, wind protection. No problems. A nite or two also, i wore them for warmth in camp. They worked very well in that role.

Time Zone
11-17-2018, 13:28
Is the Ultralite II to be preferred (or avoided) compared to what I suppose would be called "regular"?

Where I hike trails are often overgrown so I have avoided FT's, but it's more of a risk with the pants than the jacket. I may get a FT jacket, or, just buy the set and have an extra pair of rain pants. Right now I have some Dutch Xenon rain pants on order. They're not for bushwhacking either, but I hope they're a bit stronger than FTs.

OP, thanks for this post - very timely, as I have lost faith in WP/B stuff for any purpose save for keeping you dry for several minutes while you immediately stop and set up real rain shelter.

11-17-2018, 15:06
The UL 2 is what i used this last trip. Carried the original for a while, but rarely donned it. I do know the UL is lighter, packs much smaller, but seems much more fragile.

11-17-2018, 23:04
I bought an ULII for my last trip as well, my Helium II started soaking through on the chest where the straps go and the sleeves in random places. I ended up ordering it a size smaller than I normally would have gone. I added 3 velcro strips to seal off the chest zipper flap. Last, I added a bit of shock cord to the waist to be able to cinch it up if i needed for warmth. All worked great, I did/do have to be careful with the velcro in order not to tear the Toggs.

Don H
03-19-2020, 19:21
I use FT ULIIs. I thrued with the jacket (didn't carry rain pants), had a few rips that were easily fixed with duck tape.
I have yet to find something cheaper and lighter.

03-20-2020, 17:06
Used Frog Togs on my thru. Sent the pants home when the weather got warmer. Jacket served me well.

04-04-2021, 18:41
Have you guys tried their Xtreme light jacket? I one, its only been used as a wind breaker so far... it seems pretty nice.