View Full Version : Here's my gearlist PLEASE CRITIQUE!

02-20-2006, 21:03
pack: ULA P-2, silnyl pack cover

shelter: HH UL asym, MacCat deluxe tarp, JRB nest & NSQ, WM Caribou 30* sleeping bag, 2 stakes

clothing: patagonia mid weight top & bottom, EMS convertable pants/shorts, Golite long & shortsleeve tops, Mountain Hardwear wind jacket, EMS rain pants/jacket, 3 pairs wool socks & liners, hat & bugnet

shoes: Maine to Vermont- Brooks tresspass 2
Mass to Virginia- Asics eagle trail IV
Virginia to Georgia- Asics eagle trail V

kitchen: Jetboil stove, extra canister of fuel, lexan spoon, 4oz bottle of olive oil,seasonings, small sponge, ULA amigo water filter, 2 liter water pouch, 2 16oz water bottles for gatorade, lighter

stuff I missed: LED headlamp, moleskin/blister care, protien supplements, minimalist first aid kit, journal, pen, picture of wife and dog, REI peak UL trekking poles,3 silnyl stuffsacks for food, extra clothes, etc.,toilet paper, wristwatch, money & ID, 6ft of UL rope.

Any input here would be greatly appreciated!! Heading SOBO first week of June.


TJ aka Teej
02-20-2006, 21:38
DEET, Duct tape, garbage bag pack liner, extra batteries, trade your oil bottle for packets from the salad bar, add more rope, camera, fleece hat (keeps you extra warm, and at night pulled down over your ears it's a pillow and ear plugs), postcard stamps (buy a card or two at Abol Bridge and ask her to mail them for you when she goes into town), and DEET!

edit - maps, guidebook pages, address book?

02-20-2006, 21:43
How many tops do you have? four? It'll be warm enough when you start that two shirts and a rain jacket should be plenty. Maybe once you get down south you'll want another layer, but you'll know that when you get there.

An extra jetboil cannister is a good idea because cannisters can be very hard to find until past Vermont, especially the narrower Jetboil ones.

Take some duct tape along, too, you'll need it over your moleskin for your blisters. Wrapping it around a water bottle or your hiking poles is usually the easiest option.

If the 6 ft. of rope is for bear-bagging, you'll need like 20.

I don't know the bug situation in May in June, but you might want a small bottle of bug spray. But other SOBOs would know better.

Good call with the protein supplements. Those will really help the soreness in your legs until you build them up.

Looks like you've got 3 pair of pants, too. Go with one pair of shorts and one pair of rainpants.

I don't know what a JRB nest and NSQ is, but a tarp and a hammock? I don't get it.

To consider, since a pack cover is only 90% effective, I also brought along a garbage bag and used it sometimes as a liner and sometimes just to put my sleeping bag in just to be sure it stayed dry in the rain.

all the best on your hike.

02-20-2006, 21:47
oh and if you could somehow laminate your page of addresses and phone numbers it would definitely be a plus. Mine got torn and dirty pretty quickly.

I should also echo TJ--definitely take a camera, and take a million pictures, even of the most seemingly ordinary things.

02-20-2006, 23:03
Looks great. I'm not sure which MH wind jacket you're carrying. If it were something like a Phantom Anorak, I might keep it. Anything heavier I don't think would be too useful with your current setup. Maybe swap it with an insulated vest or jacket instead.

A Nest & NSQ, and a sleeping bag, too? You know your hammock better than I, but sounds like a lot of insulation. I wouldn't count on getting by with only 3 pairs of shoes, but those are good choices. If you haven't tried and dismissed it already, you might want to consider an alcohol stove. Dirt cheap and easy to use.

Yes, take a camera. Also, you can use packing tape to seal your important addresses, numbers, etc. It works very nicely.