View Full Version : Humpback area ice damage

11-19-2018, 20:22
Part done with a section hike and it took me all day to crawl Reeds Gap over a zillion fallen trees mostly down the back (North) side of humpback and all the way to Paul Wolfe Shelter. Some areas are impassible without serious bushwackage. Beware anyone hiking through this area, the going is slow. These are not the worst, just an example of what to expect every 100 yards! 😫 4410044101

11-19-2018, 23:08
We were through that area just a few weeks ago. Glad we missed the storm!

11-20-2018, 12:28
Update - the whole trail to 64 from the shelter is even worse. :(

11-25-2018, 20:22
Thanks for the update, such a popular section. Wonder what it is about that terrain but I feel like that stretch, and back towards Priest Wilderness has been hit hard by storms last few years.

01-20-2019, 19:08
I day hiked Reeds Gap to the Paul Wolfe Shelter today, and now most of the trail thru there is passable. Add about 30 minutes for routing around blowdowns that have not yet been cleared. There was a recent note in the shelter log from a member of the maintaining club explaining that they will continue their repairs after the gov't shutdown ends. The road in the southern section of SNP still needs major work to clear it, which also is on hold until the shutdown ends. While I can't say for sure, I suspect this will hold up trail maintenance in that area as well.

01-20-2019, 19:31
Please pardon the brain freeze. I meant to say Rockfish Gap not Reeds. It was 26 degrees when I got off trail...