View Full Version : Triple Crown Gear Comparison

12-02-2018, 15:39
Like most of us I love gear and I'm constantly changing my gear around. I get asked a lot what gear I used during my hiking so I made a post about it on my website. Hopefully others might find some inspiration or answers for their own gear choices.

My Gear List (https://oneofsevenproject.com/my-proven-hiking-gear-list-from-the-triple-crown/)

I'm planning on doing the JMT or CT this summer so I get to redo my gear list all over again! Always tweaking.

12-02-2018, 18:37
Interesting that you went from a Sierra Design Clip Flashlight ( I had one...) to a Tarptent Contrail ( I had three versions) to a ZPacks in DCF.
Keep an eye on the Tarptent site in the next few weeks, there is one shelter coming up that you might like.