View Full Version : Eastern Superstitions in mid December

12-04-2018, 23:27
Planning a couple loops involving reavis ranch trailhead in mid/late December and was curious about typical weather conditions during that time. I was planning on watching the forecast for globe and adjusting about 10-15 degrees for elevation. Would my 15 degree worthy wintertime Arkansas hiking gear kit cut it without trying to fly out with my heavier gear.

12-05-2018, 08:16
I haven't lived here long enough to know about long term weather trends, but I did my first AZ hiking in the Supes in December and it was fine. If you and your gear are good for 15F, that should be fine, too.

12-05-2018, 08:45
Planned on doing an out and back from reavis trailhead to Rogers trough and back as that seems to be the most defined/well marked trail with the one sure water source at the ranch.