View Full Version : Section Hike: What has been your favorite trip?

Gambit McCrae
12-05-2018, 20:15
If we are going to go the favorite section route then
Roan Highlands 7 trips
Grayson Highlands 6 trips
Fontana to Davenport 2 trips

If we go the actual favorite trip route - I find that the longer the trip is the more I enjoy it. I cant pick 1 but...to me its been more of the experiences than the landscape that makes a trip grand.

Salisbury, CT to Little Gap, PA - 235 miles - My longest trip and 1 that just felt like my grand adventure. I didn't have anxiety and did what I wanted with little to no reservations. If I wanted to strip down and jump in nuclear lake, NY then I did! I didn't want to come home. It felt like summer camp.

Goose Pond, Mass to Hanover, NH - 205 miles - This was a good trip but felt more like a death march than the previous year's 2 week trip. I did the first week solo and my mental game had 1 little hiccup that kind of made me anxious until my buddy met me for week 2.

Little Gap, PA to Duncannon, PA - 115 miles - This was the last 115 miles I had to complete south of Hanover, NH. I was solely on a mission to get thru the rocks and as I scrambled everyday they seem to disappear in my brain. Nothing was going to keep me from getting to Duncannon. I under packed and shivered every night of the trip - I didn't care, when I came out of pa325 and got back on the ridge I thought "That's it, that's the last "up" in the southernmost 12 states. I celebrated the completion of my 12th state at the infamous, and luxurious Doyle with Pat and Vicky. Even getting to play Pat in a game of pool as we both fancy ourselves as pool players. This trip was bitter sweet, but not my favorite.

Harpers Ferry, WV to Bootens Gap, SNP - 105 miles - This was my first week long hike, lots to learn and lots of first times on this trip. It was also a week of mostly solid rain and I learned a lot about myself that week.

Pen Mar, PA to Duncannon, PA - 82.7 miles - This was a great trip for me. It was my longest solo hike thus far in walking the AT. I met some great people but by walking solo I could really push myself as far as I wanted. It was also 1 of the last trips that I came home early from. I wished I had stayed the 3-4 extra days I had and continued north. That in itself was a great learning experience. "stay on the trail for the time you have been givin. Don't cut it short. Make the best of it."

12-05-2018, 21:33
NOC to Fontana in the snow. That was a fun trip.

I did Carver's Gap to 19E last month, and I plan on going back this summer. I can see that section taking my top spot. It was a great hike in winter with snow and ice, I can't wait to see what it will be like in the summer.

Smooth & Wasabi
12-05-2018, 23:23
Hard to pick favorites because their are so many variables. On the AT I really like everywhere I have been in Maine. Katahdin, 100 miles, Bigelows, Balpates and I still have a couple exciting sections left. The Whites are dramatic, especially the northern Presidentials, VT is home, and the Tenn/NC border is awesome. But Maine is wild and rugged and about as close as I can get to narrowing it down.

12-06-2018, 09:56
Only 70 miles down so far in NC but Devils Fork Gap to Hot Springs early last month...Firescald Knob area was cool with the boulders and views into TN. The mice stayed in the rafters at Little Laurel shelter as well :)
Next up is Devils Fork Gap to Erwin then on north!

Hikes in Rain
12-06-2018, 10:13
Usually the one I just finished, followed closely by the next one I'm planning. But so far, probably Unicoi to Dick's Gap. There was something indefinably special about that one.

12-06-2018, 10:22
Each time i take the bus/train out of NYC, this is my favorite trip.