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TJ aka Teej
02-11-2003, 12:25
The kits are delivered:
One of the lean-tos:
The fire ring and tent platform:
After the stain:

About 9 AT miles from the Park Boundry. You must signup at the Kiosk on the AT at the Blueberry Ledges Trail Junction for one of the 12 spots at the Birches. (The Birches site is 4.5 miles via this trail.) The Fee will be $9 in '04. Sign in with the Ranger at Katahdin Stream Campground before going to the lean-to. Built in 2002 to replace the Daicey Pond AT Shelters, the Birches has a really nice privy, two roomy four person shelters, and a large tent platform. There's a large fire ring with split-log benches. Please buy a bundle of split wood ($2) from the Ranger back at the Cabin. Bear activity prompted the Rangers to install a western style Bear Bag cable rig just south of the shelters on the blue-blazed trail. Use it. To discourage cooking in the shelters a picnic table was brought in, and plans are to build a roof over it. There is no water at this shelter. There is a tiny brook about .3 miles down the blue blaze, but you should tank up from Katahdin Stream by the Ranger's cabin before walking the .3+ up the tote road to the shelter.
Pine Martens and camp jays provide entertainment most evenings.
Only Northbound AT hikers, starting at least back in Monson, are allowed to stay at the Birches. Southbounders, Flip-Floppers, and IAT hikers need to make reservations elsewhere in the Park.
A new map showing the Birches is at:http://www.baxterstateparkauthority.com/camping/katahdin_stream.html

TJ aka Teej
07-30-2008, 10:12
Fee in 2008 is $10. and the firewood is now $2.50.