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01-01-2019, 18:53
Anyone else go out for the New Years?

I Hiked up to the RMC Gary Knob cabin for New Years eve. Along with a lot of others. The cabin was paced top to bottom, standing room only, almost double official capacity. Trail was basically a ribbon of ice, microspikes or crampons the only way to get up there.

No New Years summiting. Hurricane force winds and freezing rain above tree line this morning. Didn't get much of the promised snow, just some rain and a dusting. But it was warm, up to 34 outside at the cabin, nearly 70 inside. Champagne at the Quay at midnight was a short affair, seeing we were being belted by 50 MPH winds and frozen rain. Could hardly stand up to pass the bottle!

The Gray Knob cabin this morning.

Last sunset of the year from "The Quay" Mt Jefferson to the left.


01-01-2019, 19:43
I did 12 miles in the Smokies today around Smokemont. Mid 50's and cloudy. I had originally planned to spend NYE on the trail, but decided against it due to high winds last night.

01-01-2019, 19:53
Was out on the trail for a shortened 5 miles today. My poor old dog hurt her leg coming down Ramrock Mtn. Must have sprained something on the slick tread. Tomorrow and Thursday I will likely see some New Years Day thru-hikers, sadly without my hiking partner.

Happy New Year everyone.

Teacher & Snacktime
01-01-2019, 21:23
Sorry to hear about your pup's injury Fat Man. I still look forward to meeting you (and your partner) when I get back to the GA trail.

On topic, I didn't hit the AT today, but did 10+ miles of bike path walking to work myself into shape for MLK weekend in Harriman.

map man
01-01-2019, 21:37
Did an hour-and-a-half run on a multi-use trail in my hometown. Temps were in the low teens so it was brisk!

Time Zone
01-01-2019, 23:21
Delightful 8.5 mi loop in GSMNP today with a meetup group. Delightful mostly due to the people I was with. Trail was wet, muddy, and skies were overcast/fog/mist for the first 2/3rds of the hike or so. Few great views, but a great time. Unseasonably warm - all in the 50s. Never used my puffy - not even close. Nearly needed my rain poncho, based on look of skies (and recent weather history here).

01-01-2019, 23:57
I went to the beach and hiked in Hilton Head, swam in the ocean with dolphins, and biked around so much so my legs are feeling it as I'm writing. I've spent the last two nights cowboy slepping outside on the beach and deeper forest. What I learned from Snorkel is that is getting out too. Getting outdoors doesn't have to be defined by the remotest location or being physically by oneself all the time.

01-02-2019, 01:18
Did a tame 3 miles with my wife on trails in a city park. She didn’t want to go for one of my longer routes.

Made some Hungry Hammock Hanger’s beef stroganoff. Now it’s in my Christmas present new dehydrator to be vacuum sealed tomorrow.

01-02-2019, 08:39
Took my wife and kids hiking south from Ashby Gap to Sky Meadows State Park to see the overlook. Super windy but high fun quotient. Hiked back to the car via SMSP’s Old trail, which oddly enough is the old route for the AT. Oh, saw coyote scat too! Kids thought that was the greatest! I think our total mileage was just under 5 miles

01-02-2019, 09:35
I enjoyed a very modest 3-4 mile jaunt in the local state park with my 14-year-old husky. The park was full of hikers, dogs, and bikers, even on the outlying trails. Weather was temperate and quite windy. There was water and mud in many of the low areas. Vernal pools are VERY early this year.

01-02-2019, 13:08
I did a short loop hike on Unaka Mountain. Cherry Gap Shelter is still there.

01-02-2019, 16:27
I went out on New Years Eve to do Blueberry Mountain a small mountain next to Moosilaukee. I was quite surprised, we were on bare ground once we left the summit down tot he westerly trailhead. Considering how winter started its pretty bare in the woods.

01-03-2019, 15:01
Hiked 8 miles roundtrip on the beach just south of Daytona Beach. Low 80's, some swimmers in the water...beautiful day...

Tipi Walter
01-03-2019, 15:07
Still indoors and placating the Women. But I did sleep out on the back porch in some cold TN weather---


01-03-2019, 16:09
Made some Hungry Hammock Hanger’s beef stroganoff.

Did you make sure to use the powdered sour cream? it makes all the difference in that recipe!

01-03-2019, 23:34
Did you make sure to use the powdered sour cream? it makes all the difference in that recipe!

I sure did. It does make a difference. I ran out and have to get more.

I wrap the dehydrated meal in paper towel to cushion the sharp noodles and then vacuum seal it.

Funny story: On the AT this year in a resupply box I had a meal marked “Beef stroganoff”. I played up how good it was going to be compared to other’s Knorrs or ramen. Told the whole story about making, dehydrating and vacuum sealing it to include the dry sour cream. Cut open the vacuum bag and it was oatmeal. I have no idea how it got mislabeled. You know that I heard about that for a while. :banana